Being a Pastor is more than a job,
it is a calling from God.

Pastor Coaching will help you have your greatest impact possible. is opening soon.
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Individual Coaching

We provide individual coaching with another pastor or mentor who has gone before you and likely faced the same thing as you. After an in-depth placement call, we do our best to match you with a coach who will meet with you as many times as you need, to help you in specific or broad areas of need in pastoral ministry.

Group Coaching

Join a Zoom ® Video Conference group every two weeks for 8 weeks led by one of our coaches. This time will be used to share stories and advice with a small group of pastors who are facing situations similar to yours. While these gatherings have some objectives, they are formatted to allow for conversations about issues at hand that are most relevant to the group.

Church Coaching

Sometimes you need someone other than the Pastor to lead the church through a process. We have that covered too. We have Paterson Center trained consultants who can help your church get unstuck, clarify the vision and mission and help you find what the next right step is for you, prayerfully and specifically. Talk with one of our church consultants today to see if this is right for your team.